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Struggling with your baby's sleep? Fighting naps? Bedtime struggles? Lumi's Smart Sleep Coaching program is the app based digital solution to your baby's sleep challenges.

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App-based sleep coaching and tracking tools will have your baby sleeping better in just 7 days


Easy to follow

video tutorials from baby sleep experts

Track progress

using the Lumi app and get personalized tips

Safe, easy, & proven

methods to support healthy sleep habits

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Easy-to-follow video tutorials

Covering a range of safe and proven sleep training methods

Created with leading experts

Dr. Craig Canapari, MD, Dad of two

Easy sleep tracking for faster results

Track your baby's awake windows, naps and overnight sleep stretches to get the most out of sleep coaching

Celebrate your progress

Daily & weekly sleep insights reports show progress towards your sleep goals

"Took 6 days, paying attention to the advice and insights Lumi gave, and we saw a big improvement with our son's sleep."


Learn from the experts

Created by pediatricians and pediatric sleep professionals with your baby in mind

Get better sleep in as little as 7 days


Pediatrician specializing in the care of babies with sleep issues, Director of the Pediatric Sleep Center, and a father of two. He has built a comprehensive sleep program for children and is board certified in Pediatrics, Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine.

Kylee Money, Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Mom of one

Pediatric sleep consultant with two decades of experience working on everything from sleep coaching to cognitive behavioral change, and more. Kylee is a sought-after parenting coach and frequent contributor to award-winning resources, as well as a parenting expert for CBS News.

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How it works

Did you ever ask yourself

  • The fastest rate of brain development happens from birth to age 3 and most of that occurs while your baby sleeps

Why get skilled in sleep?

  • Teething, nap transitions, changes in routine, developmental sleep regressions and more will impact your baby's sleep patterns
  • When sleep setbacks happen, Lumi gives you the tools and confidence to resolve them, fast

Meet your Zzzz team

Why doesn’t my baby sleep through the night? Is there a flexible nap schedule that works? My baby was sleeping great and then started teething, now what? Will I ever sleep again?

The Lumi Smart Sleep Coaching App will help to:

  • Put you in the driver's seat when it comes to your baby’s sleep journey. 
  • Equip you with expert sleep know-how
  • Combine with best-in-class support tools
  • Get on track and stay on track so you’ll be catching more Zzzz’s in no time! 

Get the sleep you deserve, with Lumi 


Better sleep is 
an achievable dream
For every baby (and family!)

At Lumi we believe every family deserves better sleep. And our mission is to make it easier to get there by applying state-of-the-art technology to science-based sleep understanding so that we can make quality, credible sleep support accessible to everyone - because every baby (and their family) deserves better sleep!

Lumi features

  • Multi-caregiver – it takes a village so you can invite grandma, grandad, the nanny, babysitters and more!

Lumi Sleep Coach will help you to:

Understand your baby's natural rhythms and how to catch their sleep cues 

Establish a safe and soothing environment for sleep  

Teach your baby to fall asleep independently 

Manage frequent night wakings

Handle sleep regressions and setbacks: leaps, teething, travel, illness

Set up a flexible nap schedule that works for your family

Stay emotionally connected

Understand the science of baby sleep and how it evolves as they develop


Lumi is designed for

Every parent who wants their baby to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up happy in the morning. Whether you’re struggling with sleep or simply making sure you’re doing what’s best for your family, we have you covered.

Sleep matters

  • Sleep is when memories are stored,  and when most of babies’ crucial brain development happens.

  • Help with sleep in later childhood.  Addressing sleep issue in infancy helps improve sleep in early childhood which can help with mood, behavior, and can reduce the risk of obesity.  

  • Help mothers and caregivers cope. Studies have demonstrated a significant reduction in maternal stress within a month of sleep training and a sustained reduction in maternal depression which lasted over 2 years.

"Sleep training game changer!!!

We tried it all. Books, webinars, mommy groups, sleep courses – even paid a coach (we spent well over $1000 in total) but we couldn’t seem to crack the code to get Jack to sleep through the night.  Then we came across Lumi, I’m not gonna lie – I was totally skeptical, but it worked!  How? For us it was how Lumi took the guesswork out of what we needed to do.  It broke it down into simple steps that were soooo EASY to follow.  It literally felt like Lumi did all the hard work for me and meant I had the energy to focus on Jack (and me) and within a few days we were already sleeping better!  THANK YOU Lumi!"

– Ashley, Mom of Jack (12 months)

"What I love about Lumi is that you get all the information, and then Kylee helps you decide how to apply it based on your needs. This program is very actionable, and it's great you can watch the videos multiple times in case you need reminders. And the app! I've tried all the ways, and this is the best way to keep track of all the sleeps. It only took a few days before I saw improvements, after we made some adjustments to our routine and sleep environment. Then I started seeing the improvements on the app, and the more I tracked sleep, the more it was apparent, so logging all the sleeps started becoming rewarding rather than annoying."

– Amy

After two young ones, I thought the third one would be a breeze, but she had A LOT of trouble with sleep, and our ped. recommended we start sleep coaching. We were desperate to improve the situation, and when my friend told me about Lumi I signed up right away. I loved that there was a clear “lesson” plan and you could tell these guys knew what they were talking about. I watched everything in a single weekend! That was a big step because I knew what type of things we needed to start doing. Right now it’s been 2 months and sleep has improved significantly. I’ve been using the sleep tracking tool consistently and it’s so rewarding to watch the summaries where it shows you how much she’s slept and all her progress.

– Ralph

I have to say I was skeptical, but my husband convinced me to try and I couldn’t be happier we did. We’d done a LOT of research and even applied some techniques but it never seemed to work, or was always lacking something. This app gives you the structure and has super useful features like nap/bedtime notifications and the sleep tracking which shows you sleep over time. The mix between videos and the app tools made the whole process feel easier, and it’s like your personal coach. A big shoutout to the facebook group for all their ideas and Kylee for answering my question with a lot of detail. I was scared this was just going to be like an online course but it’s so much more!!!"

– Sophie

What parents are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lumi Smart Sleep Coach work?

Absolutely! In fact, parents who combine the expert video tutorials with rigorous tracking, see results up to 3x faster than parents who don’t track.

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"What I love the most is that all of the coaching and tips are brought to you by an actual Dr and not just any Dr, a pediatrician! That alone gave me the confidence to give it a try. 

I was surprised by how actionable it was, and love how you can go back and re-watch the videos as many times as you like. The app is totally my guilty pleasure, I love waking up and checking his daily sleep reports, seeing how much he has improved lifts my energy. I thought logging sleep would be annoying, but I actually enjoy it now!"

– Matt, dad of Thomas 

"I thought I had sleep down with my 3rd baby, after all I’d been here twice before….I couldn’t have been more wrong my LO had A LOT of trouble with sleep, and our ped. recommended we start sleep coaching.

We were desperate to improve the situation, and when my friend told me about Lumi I subscribed right away. I loved that there was a clear “lesson” plan and you could tell these guys knew what they were talking about. I binge watched everything in a single weekend! That was a big step because I knew what type of things we needed to start doing.

It started working right away, within a few days overnight sleep was better….now we are 2 months in and it’s helping me drop from 4 to 3 naps, with a sleep regression around the corner, I feel like I’m going to want to use this until she’s at least 2!"

– Nathalie, mom of Sara

"At first I wasn’t keen, but my husband convinced me to try this app-based coach and I couldn’t be happier we did. 

We’d done a LOT of research and even applied some techniques but it never seemed to work, or was always lacking something. I guess we just weren’t organized enough, the app gave us the structure we needed to be successful in getting Owen on a schedule. 

It has super useful features like nap/bedtime notifications and because you track sleep it automatically calculates your wake windows and everything for you – taking the guess work away."

– Amy, mom of Owen

What parents are saying


How it works

Let Lumi guide you A, B, C straight to Zzzz’s:

A. We Coach. Our pediatric sleep experts will take you step-by-step to sleep success 
B. You log. Record your baby's sleeps directly within the app 
C. We analyze. Daily and weekly sleep insight reports measure your baby’s progress 

    Zzzzz your baby sleeps!


You're not alone! 
 of babies will experience difficulties with their sleep


Select your sleep plan

Learn gentle and proven sleep coaching methods from pediatric sleep experts, and access all the tools you need to get your baby's sleep on track.

Is Sleep Training safe for my baby?

Yes, sleep training is safe for your baby. The Lumi Smart Sleep Coach was co-developed with Dr. Canapari, a pediatrician who specializes in the care of children with sleep problems. Every sleep training method presented is science-backed, safe, and proven to help babies sleep better.

We cover multiple methods in our sleep coaching series to fit your parenting style.

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Does the Smart Sleep Coach offer multiple methods of sleep training to choose from?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of proven sleep and nap training methods, so you can choose the method that best suits your family.

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How long does it take for my baby's sleep to improve?

Many parents who use Lumi tell us that they see improvement in as little as 7 days, however if it is of course different for every baby. It will depend largely on the method you decide to use, and how consistently you follow the steps in the method.

Some elements, such as improving your baby's sleeping environment, can even have an immediate effect.

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When can I start with the Lumi Smart Sleep Coach? What age is it appropriate for?

0-16 months. Sleep is a journey and some elements, such as establishing a bedtime routine and creating an ideal sleep environment, can be implemented as soon as you bring your child home from the hospital – we cover this in the Newborn Fundamentals Series.

More typically it is around 3-4 months of age when the window opens for behavioral sleep training which is simply teaching your baby to fall asleep without you present. It’s a good idea to check if your baby is ready with your Pediatrician.

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Have I left it too late? My baby seems too old to sleep train?

It’s never too late to sleep train – while we cover in-depth topics for babies from 0-16 months, what you’ll learn with the Lumi Smart Sleep Coach is fundamental to understanding how to master your baby’s sleep.

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How long do I have access?

Our subscriptions options are: 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months access.

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I'm pregnant, can I purchase and use later?

Absolutely. Many of our parents complete the Sleep Coaching Video tutorials before their baby arrives so that they can be one step ahead of their baby’s sleep and implement healthy sleep habits from day one.

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What is Sleep Training?

Sleep training is a process that will help your baby fall asleep independently and because of that, be able to ‘stay asleep’. If they wake during the night (like we all do) they will know how to put themselves back to sleep.

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  • Short video tutorials by pediatric sleep experts designed to solve YOUR specific baby’s sleep struggles.
  • Easy to use in-app tracking tools for sleep, feeding (and diapers too!) keeping it all in one place! 
  • Daily sleep reports that give you a run-down of the past 24 hours so you can approach each day with confidence.
  • Sleep support from 0-16 months of ageso you can easily navigate the many regressions and nap transitions as your baby grows & develops.  


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Product Reviews

Got Lumi sleep kit a couple of weeks ago for my 2MO LO and so far I love it. It was a present from a friend who heard me complain on sleep deprivation and looked up products that can help. The sleep features are pretty awesome, and help u understand what's really going on. The app generally is very surprising and has tons more stuff which are not even advertised. I did have some difficulty at the first try to get the product to work as it says, but I got the hang of it rather quickly. I think it's a cool baby shower gift and others will get it from me.


Love my gift


I was skeptical (and exhausted) at first, but it actually helped improve my baby's sleep faster than we could have imagined. Recommended for any exhausted parent dreaming of a better night sleep

Good but not for twins


We like the product and it’s easy to use. However you can’t use it for twins. Was really disappointed to realize this after we purchased.

It actually works!


I bought the product, started watching the sleep coaching content and I have to say was kind of pessimistic at first but after so many sleepless nights, I figured I should give it a try. So I was like, okay I'm just going to keep doing it and keep doing it and see what happens and you know - it actually worked! 3 nights ago, I went in to check on my baby and I actually watched him wake up twice and go back to sleep on his own!!! So I figured Oh my gosh, there might be something here. I really like that they have different methods, all science backed, to choose from so you can do what works best for you. It helped my baby sleep better!

Actually worked and even faster than we imagined!

really helpful, it saves my life.


Love it!


I just love this product. I like that no matter where you come in, Kylee covers all of the topics and you can take and choose what works or doesn't work without her saying this is the only way to do it. Even if you're not going to do any sleep coaching at all whatsoever, this product is still helpful - understanding how babies sleep, the fundamentals of sleep, seeing your baby's sleep progress and how to set up a sleep environment is a game changer. This product is applicable to everybody that wants their baby to sleep better

Helps you with sleep - no matter what your plans are

Help me chose my sleep plan

Help me choose my sleep plan

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